martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017

AJEDREZ ANTON KOVALYOV de regreso…Autor: Fernando Emilio Saavedra Palma. Para: Anton Kovalyov y mejorar el ajedrez mundial.

Ilustración por: Fernando Emilio Saavedra Palma.

Autor: Fernando Emilio Saavedra Palma.
Para: Anton Kovalyov y mejorar el ajedrez mundial.

Ajedrez evolución en torneos internacionales al vuelo
Anton Kovalyov todo un gran esfuerzo de entrenamiento
y por un concepto de reglamento se fue de regreso
como cuidar a un peón rechazado simplemente “NO”
sencillamente se saca del tablero…

AJEDREZ ANTON KOVALYOV en su momento tendrá su regreso.


Anton Kovalyov (born 4 March 1992) is a Ukrainian-born Canadian (formerly representing Argentina) chess grandmaster.
In 2004, he finished equal first at the Pan American Under-12 Championship[1] and thanks to this result he was awarded the title of FIDE Master.
In 2008 Kovalyov played for the Argentine team at the 38th Chess Olympiad.[2] At the FIDE congress held during the competition he was awarded the grandmaster title.[3]
In 2009 he won the Quebec Invitational Championship in Quebec, Canada.[4] He won the Quebec Junior Championship in 2010, 2011 and 2012.[5]
He switched to the Canadian Chess Federation in 2013.[6] In August 2014, he played for Canada on the top board at the 41st Chess Olympiad.[7] He scored 7/11 (+4–1=6) for a performance rating of 2670.[8]
At the 2015 American Continental Chess Championship he scored 8 points out of 11 finishing in a tie for third with other five players, with whom he played a rapid playoff and managed to earn a spot in the Chess World Cup 2015.[9] In the latter he knocked out Rustam Kasimdzhanov and Sandro Mareco in round one and two respectively, then he was eliminated by Fabiano Caruana in the third round.
In September 2016, he competed for Canada on board 2 at the 42nd Chess Olympiad. He scored 8/10 (+6–0=4) for a performance rating of 2852.[10] This was the second best board 2 performance, behind only Vladimir Kramnik's 2903 performance for Russia.[11]
In the Chess World Cup 2017, he defeated Varuzhan Akobian in the first round and former World Champion Viswanathan Anand in the second, and was due to face Maxim Rodshtein in the third.[12] Shortly before the game with Rodshtein was due to start, Kovalyov was instructed by the event organisers to change his shorts, the same pair he had worn in the first two rounds, as they violated the dress code. In response, Kovalyov left the venue and did not return, thus forfeiting the game.[13]Kovalyov later accused organiser Zurab Azmaiparashvili of yelling and racially abusing him during the incident, resulting in his w

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